Dog named “Bukoy” Amazed Netizens After Spotted Attending Simbang Gabi Every Day

BUKOY- the dog spotted attending the Filipino traditional “Simbang Gabi” every day and seems eager to complete pre-dawn mass to grant a wish.

It is part of the Filipino Catholic tradition to complete “Simbang Gabi” every December. This is the 9-day mass that is held in the evening or at dawn before Christmas Eve.

But it is not uncommon to see a dog who goes to church patiently every day with his masters. That is why he entertained and admired by animal lovers on social media.

Bukoy Dog

Maria Dayde Laude of Ormoc City was the first to notice the dog because she does not have absent from her Simbang Gabi. He took a picture of it except the other day that he did not bring his cellphone.

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This latest shot is the day of December 22 for the 8th mass. The dog, whose name is Bukoy and owned by his cousin, is silent.

Bukoy Dog

She said it came earlier than his bosses and his favorite place was always the passage in the center of the church. It can also be seen as serious and pretend to be listening to the priest say mass.

The dog is kind to people especially to the kids who pass by him. When it is communion time, it also approaches the front. When the mass is over, he also goes home voluntarily.

Bukoy Dog

According to the Kicker News, Jessa Ycoy, the daughter of Bukoy’s owner, said that they did not notice at first that the dog was coming with them because they were always sitting in front.

If it weren’t for her aunt who always captured Bukoy, they wouldn’t know it. It is said that sometimes it sits next to where his mother is sitting. But when Bukoy is being scolded, he only goes to the back.

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