Lady Netizen Says “Pulis din ang tatay ko” After “My Father is a Policeman” Goes Viral

Lady Netizen Posts “Pulis din ang tatay ko” After “My Father is a Policeman” Trends Online

A lady netizen posted “Pulis din ang tatay ko” after “My Father is a Policeman” goes viral on social media and elicits comments online.

A Facebook user named Ria O. Momblan has shared the photos of herself together with her beloved father working as a policeman. The post is now circulating online and garnered various reactions from the social media users.

Momblan wrote on her post that she never feared men and soldiers because she grew up on the similar environment. Her grandpa and dad are members of the military and she was used to see those carrying firearms.

Lady Netizen

However, Ria revealed that she never saw her father and grandpa using their authorities or firearms to incite others.  It pisses her off to see other people taking advantage of their positions.

Momblan made her Facebook post after Police Senior Master Sgt. Jonel Nuezca took the lives of Sonya Gregorio, 52 and Frank Anthony Gregorio, 25 during a shootout incident during an altercation.

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Lady Netizen Lady Netizen

Here is the full post:

Pulis din ang tatay ko…

I never feared men at arms because I grew up witnessing how honorable their job is.

Both my lolo and father are from the military which makes me get used to seeing them carrying guns when they’re around but never have I seen them use it to their advantage to incite fear to others.

It just pisses me off to see SOME of them took advantage of their position and even have the audacity to brag about it?

Pulis din ang tatay ko at alam niya kung saan lulugar.

Above all, human dignity.


To all fathers out there,

Palakihin ng tama ang inyong mga anak.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Lady Netizen

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