Marjorie Barretto Admits She Dislikes Joshua Garcia For Julia Barretto?

Marjorie Barretto has this revelation in the latest vlog of Julia Barretto

Former actress Marjorie Barretto appeared to have admitted in the latest vlog of her daughter Julia Barretto that she disliked Joshua Garcia.

Joshua and Julia were tandems onscreen and behind the camera. As JoshLia, they did several projects on TV and on the big screen. However, after being together for two years, they announced that they decided to be just friends.

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Then, Julia was linked to her Between Maybes leading man Gerald Anderson who had a controversial breakup with Bea Alonzo.

In the latest vlog of Julia, she and her mother had a lie detector test challenge. They asked each other questions and one of the questions that Julia asked her mother was if she disliked any of his ex-boyfriends.

Prior to this, Julia revealed that she only had two ex-boyfriends. Marjorie Barretto admitted that there was a boy that her daughter dated in the past that she really disliked. “Kaya nga ex, eh,” the celebrity mom added to his “yeah” answer.

celebrity breakups 2019 Julia Barreto

The lie detector agreed to what Marjorie said and Julia reacted with “Ok hahaba, issue na naman bukas.” Then, the mother said, “bakit kilala ba nila lahat ng ex mo?”

Julia stressed that she only had two exes and the public had to choose between the two men. “Pero ‘yung isa di nila kilala,” Julia added which means that she is probably talking about Joshua Garcia.

With this, Marjorie Barretto said, “Naku, isyu na naman ako.” Based on the article from Abante Entertainment, the mother and daughter said that they are not liars, they are not just fond of sharing with the public.

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