Chef Pursue Vegan Lechon on Wheels Despite Investors Backed Out

Chef Pursue Vegan Lechon on Wheels not in Restaurant Even No Investors

A dedicated chef pursue his “Vegan Lechon” business on wheels not on restaurant even thought his investors have backed out.

In a Facebook post of Chef ELPI, RN, he shared that he was very sad that the opening of the small business was halted due to the part of the contract that he and his investor did not agree on.

Chef Vegan Lechon
Image Source: Facebook

His best friend urged him to just go abroad because his advocacy in the Philippines does not seem to be appreciated. His family, on the other hand, is sending him back to the province to start again and celebrate Christmas.

“I cried. For two days, I just stayed inside my room. I had no motivation to get up from my bed. I felt devastated. I felt lost,” he said.

But the next day he got up and went to La Loma in Quezon City which is considered the country’s Lechon capital to start a business there. According to him, he searched for a place to rent where he can stay nearby, bought a stainless steel cart, and bought a small freezer.

“I did all of those in one day, and tada! Surprise! I just put up the very first PLANT-BASED (VEGAN) LECHON HOUSE in the Philippines, right at the heart of Philippine’s lechon capital, La Loma,” he joyfully announced.

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Chef Vegan Lechon
Image Source: Facebook

He admitted there was no guarantee that he would succeed in what he did but he really wanted to try. He joked that if he failed, he would just stomp with the purchased cart on his way home to Mindanao.

“I don’t know if I will make it. I just want it so badly. Even if I have to start at the bottom again, do everything from scratch… Even if there is a greater chance of failing again because, in the world of entrepreneurship, only 5 percent of startups succeed,” he added.

Chef Vegan Lechon
Image Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, netizens encouraged him and told him not to give up on his dream. “Please don’t feel discouraged. Your idea is absolutely unique and sooner or later, the whole Philippines will discover what you invented! We will support you.”

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