Blue Bees Go Viral In Australia After People Discover They Exist

Native Blue Bees Go Viral Across Australia

BLUE BEES GO VIRAL IN AUSTRALIA – Australians were left in awe after discovering that native blue bees could be found across the country.

Australia has been known as a home for diverse wildlife. Furthermore, when it comes to Australia, most people know it for its giant spiders, and stereotypes that say almost all animals in the country can kill you.

However, Australians recently discovered cute little bees with deep blue stripes around their abdomen. Moreover, these animals can be found across gardens in each state except for Tasmania.

But, unlike the majority of animals in Australia, these bees, despite their stingers, aren’t particularly aggressive. Instead, the blue bees are more attracted to native plants such as tomato flowers.

Blue Bees Go Viral In Australia After People Discover They Exist
Image from: Nick Volpe

According to an article from Daily Mail, these bees are known by their scientific name “Amegilla cingulate”. The bees live solitary lives and don’t produce any honey. Also, unlike most bees, the females build their own nests and are usually dug into soft mud or sandstone bricks.

Meanwhile, wildlife photographer Nick Volpe recently went viral on Facebook after uploading a photo of the blue bee. Many Australians were in shock and admitted that they’d never even heard about such a beautiful insect.

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