Nadine Lustre-Viva Issue: Fans show support through #IStandWithNadine

The Nadine Lustre-Viva issue is creating a buzz on social media

The #IStandWithNadine trended on Twitter on Saturday due to the Nadine Lustre-Viva issue as fans of the actress showed support for her.

Early this year, the issue between Nadine and Viva Artists Agency started when the actress terminated her contract. However, the talent management company warned her that a lawsuit may be filed against her since her contract is still until 2029.

nadine lustre-viva issue
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Nadine’s camp accused the company of “taking advantage of young artists. In line with this issue, Viva boss Vic Del Rosario stressed that although the actress can say no to a project her contract does not allow her to appear in movies under a different company.

In a recent report of ABS-CBN entertainment reporter MJ Felipe, he said that the Nadine Lustre-Viva Issue is on a higher notch as the talent management company finally filed a case against the actress.

“The lawsuit filed seeks to stop Nadine from continuously violating her ‘agency and management contract’ with VAA,” the report stated. Allegedly, Nadine has not been respecting the contract between her and Viva since she is “contracted independently with advertisers, promoters, and other third parties, disregarding her exclusive contract with Viva.”

nadine lustre-viva issue

In a report, the camp of the actress stated that they are welcoming the lawsuit. “We welcome the complaint and we are confident that the truth will come out about VAA being predatory, oppressive and abusive not only of Nadine but its many other talents,” Atty. Lorna Kapunan, the lawyer of the actress said to ABS-CBN.

Amid this issue, fans of Nadine also avidly showed support for her as #IStandWithNadine trended on Twitter. Here are some of the tweets from the fans of the actress.

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