Kylie Padilla Inspiring Message After Admitting PPD

In Instagram, Kylie Padilla expressed inspiring message after admitting PPD.

KYLIE PADILLA – Actress and model Kylie Padilla opened up about being diagnosed of postpartum depression and has this inspiring message.

Postpartum depression (PPD) is not a joke that many women who just gave birth suffer to. PPD to new moms is more severe than that of “baby blues” after childbirth and a long-lasting form of depression. In some rare cases, an extreme mood disorder may develop called postpartum psychosis.

And recently admitting that she got diagnosed of PPD, Kylie shared some inspiring words for everyone to read. As per her, it’s been a tough year not just for her but for everyone but one thing she’s sure about despite the hardship is learning to appreciate “each and every moment of every day that we are alive because in the end, moments are we all going to have.

Kylie is married to actor Aljur Abrenica and they have two sons. After giving birth to their second son, she got diagnosed with PPD.

See her post below:

Kylie Padilla
Photo grabbed on IG

Some signs and symptoms of PPD are:

  • depressed mood or severe mood swings
  • excessive crying
  • difficulty bonding with your baby
  • withdrawal from being with family and friends
  • loss of appetite or eating too much
  • insomnia or sleeping too much
  • loss of energy
  • intense irritability and anger
  • hopelessness
  • feelings of worthlessness, shame, guilt or inadequacy
  • thoughts of harming yourself or your baby
  • revere anxiety and panic attacks; among others

This year, freelance model Kylyn Royeras was rumored to have taken her own life due to her struggles with postpartum depression. And for over the years, this has been undeniably one of the major problems of the world.


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