Pinoy Singer Ray-An Fuentes & Family Test Positive for COVID-19

Pinoy Singer Ray-An Fuentes and Entire Family Test Positive for COVID-19, Singer Now in Critical Care

The popular Filipino singer Ray-An Fuentes is now in critical care after he and his family reportedly test positive for coronavirus disease.

On Saturday (December 5, 2020), Ray-An Fuentes confirmed on his official Facebook account that he and his family tested positive for COVID-19 except for his eldest son. The singer and his wife are the most affected by the virus.

The Pinoy singer said that he is currently bed ridden and needs an oxygen assistance to breathe well. He has been moved to the critical care unit since he is needing five liters of normal oxygen.

Ray-An Fuentes

The ICU doctor told Fuentes that if the levels of oxygen he needed doesn’t go down he will be transferred to the intensive care unit. Ray-An’s wife has been admitted in the ICU and still on the ventilator.

The singer also described the incident that might become the saddest Christmas for their family. He also expressed his gratefulness for those who prayer for their fast recovery.

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Ray-An Fuentes
Ray-An Fuentes

Here is the full post:

“Bed ridden with oxygen assistance. From the initial normal oxygen level of 4 liters, they added one more (making it 5) because my demand for it has risen. The goal is to bring down the oxygen levels needed so I can be discharged.

But the demand got increased and got visited by the ICU doctor saying that if the levels don’t go down, they will have to transfer me to the ICU. That’s one bit of news I don’t want to hear.

Please understand and bear with the sharing of my feelings. I am of the belief that no one can understand how I am feeling right now until it affects you personally and hits all of you at home.

I don’t know where this will all lead, but yes, I am extremely grateful for prayers and well wishes. Especially for my wife.

Still expectant for a miracle.”

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