Geneva Cruz Defends LGBTQ Community, Same-Gender Marriage

Geneva Cruz Defends LGBTQ Marriage After Jaymes Propose to Jonathan

Singer-actress Geneva Cruz defends the LGBTQ community and same-gender marriage following the proposal of Jaymes to Jonathan.

The singer-actress gave a message to all members of the LGBTQ + community after hearing about the engagement of “Mean Girls” star Jonathan Bennett with his boyfriend Jaymes Vaughan.

Geneva Cruz Defends LGBTQ

Geneva defended men who had relationships with their fellow men while mentioning a Bible story to prove that God loves people who are oppressed and condemned by their neighbors.

The singer reposted the news item about gay couple Jonathan and Jaymes and captioned it, “We don’t choose who we are or who we love.” Geneva added, “I was called many nice and nasty things because I felt sincere happiness for this couple.”

“Just so you know, I don’t care what you think of me because that does not validate my existence, but thanks for spending some of your time and energy to hate on me though… I feel so special,” said Geneva.

Geneva Cruz Defends LGBTQ

She also assured that when she has a child who will be a member of the LGBTQ + community, she will accept it wholeheartedly because she believes, “real love has no labels.”

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Geneva asked, “Is homosexuality a sin? It’s an age-old question and there are people on both sides of the debate, each quoting their Bibles. How do we know who’s right? What would Jesus do if He were here with us today? Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. So can we really say? ”

“I think there is one thing we can be sure of – Jesus loves every one of us. In fact, Jesus was especially known for loving the very people that the religious people of his time had condemned and cast out.”

“The real point is that even though Jesus did consider adultery sinful, he still was the one who defended her. In fact, he was the only one there who was ‘without sin’ and yet did not cast a stone and did not condemn.”

“So again, even if we think homosexuality is wrong, we know what Jesus would do in our shoes. He has drawn a line in the sand, and we need to decide what side of that line we will be on,” said Geneva who continues to stand up for members of the LGBTQ community.

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