Seaman Husband Caught Wife w/ Another Man, Woman Hides at Motel’s Ceiling

A woman desperately hides at the motel’s ceiling after her seaman husband caught her with another man inside the establishment.

Last Sunday (November 29, 2020), Mandaue City Police reported that a seaman entered a motel wherein his wife and another man checked in. The woman and her boyfriend rode a taxi to enter the motel.

The seaman narrated that he accompanied his wife while heading to work. The woman get off from the vehicle and took another taxi. The lady went to the seaport to meet another man and take a taxi heading to a motel.

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The international boxing judge Edward Ligas called the police authorities to report the incident after his seaman friend sought his help. The disappointed husband wait outside the motel for his wife.

The cops entered the motel room and found the guy inside but failed to see the woman. However, the police officers noticed a noise at the ceiling and found the unfaithful wife hiding inside the ceiling.

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The woman refused to get down from the ceiling prompting the cops to take her by force.

cheating woman cheating woman

It was not the first time that the woman has been caught having an affair with another guy. In 2017, the unnamed lady has been caught by her child with another man. The seaman wants to sue his wife and the guy.

cheating woman

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