Derek Ramsay Ex-GF Joanne Villablanca on his Breakup w/ Andrea Torres

Joanne Villablanca has these thoughts on Derek Ramsay-Andrea Torres breakup

Fitness enthusiast and social media influencer Joanne Villablanca was asked to react to the recent breakup of her ex-boyfriend Derek Ramsay with Andrea Torres.

Derek and Joanne have been together for six years and wedding speculations also surfaced before they broke up. However, in June of 2019, they confirmed their breakup and Joanne had this intriguing post that elicited speculations that it was intended for her ex-boyfriend.

derek ramsay andrea torres
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Speculations also surfaced that a third party was the reason for their breakup. When Joanne Villablanca was asked to react when Derek Ramsay confirmed her relationship with Andrea Torres in September of 2019, the fitness enthusiast said that she’s truly happy for them.

Just recently, Derek and Andrea confirmed their breakup after being together for a year. In line with this, Joanne was once again asked to react. Based on the article by Inquirer entertainment columnist Dolly Anne Carvajal, she sent this message to the ex-girlfriend of Derek: “What if Derek woos you again, would you take him back?”

joanne villablanca
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Joanne has this reply: “I would rather stay out of this na. I trust you understand.”Meanwhile, the columnist believes that there was no third party in the breakup between Derek and Andrea. Dolly Anne debunks the idea of other people that Pops Fernandez is allegedly the other woman.

“Being a close friend of Pipay (nickname of Pops) for over three decades, I can vouch that she isn’t the type of woman who would be a third party. She’s way too classy for that,” the columnist said.

Does this also mean that the speculation that John Estrada allegedly knows the woman who was spotted with Derek Ramsay is also not true?

What can you say about this?

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