#NasaPusodKoAngPangulo Trends, Confuses Netizens On Twitter

#NasaPusodKoAngPangulo Trends In PH Twitter

#NASAPUSODKOANGPANGULO – Following the PCOOs statement that #NasaPusoKoAngPangulo trends on Twitter, another hashtag trended instead.

Amid the onslaught of Typhoon Ulysses, netizens got #NasaanAngPangulo trending. Eventually, this led to President Duterte peeved, claiming Vice President Leni Robredo herself asked this question.

Meanwhile, as support for the Vice President started to ramp up, the Presidential Communication Operations Office stated that the hashtag “Nasa Puso Ko Ang Pangulo” trended on Twitter.

However, this never happened. Instead, just recently, the #NasaPusodKoAngPangulo trended. Now, netizens are left confused as to how and why this all started.

According to some, several supporters of the administration took to Twitter and accidentally got the wrong hashtag trending. However, it seemed like Duterte supporters are going along with it.

#NasaPusodKoAngPangulo Trends, Confuses Netizens On Twitter
#NasaPusodKoAngPangulo Trends, Confuses Netizens On Twitter

While some supporters are confused, other netizens can’t help but laugh at the situation. Here are some of their reactions to the trending hashtag:

#NasaPusodKoAngPangulo Trends, Confuses Netizens On Twitter

However, if you look closely at some of the accounts using the #NasaPusodKoAngPangulo, you’d see that the majority are fresh accounts, some created just months ago. As such, some netizens believe that these are troll accounts that just retweet the hashtag.

#NasaPusodKoAngPangulo Trends, Confuses Netizens On Twitter

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