Catriona Gray Outfit In Miss Universe Colombia Elicits Negative Reactions

Netizens have these negative reactions to the outfit of Catriona Gray

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray was one of the judges in Miss Universe Colombia 2020 and she was wearing an outfit designed by Le Almodal.

Catriona is known for being particular in what she wears to during a certain event. Throughout her international pageant journey, she was able to showcase the culture and heritage of Filipinos through her outfits.

catriona gray outfit
📷: @fashionpulis IG / @catriona_gray IG

The fourth Pinay Miss Universe has worked together with designer Mak Tumang in her memorable gowns used in the international pageant. One of the prominent outfits that she wore was her Lava Gown which was inspired by the Mayon Volcano, the hometown of her mother.

She also known for using symbols that will represent things about the Philippines like what she did in her national costume.

However, during the Miss Universe Colombia pageant, Catriona Gray wore a gown not designed by Mak Tumang. The beauty queen featured the creation of Leo Almodal.

Photos of Catriona wearing the said yellow outfit were posted on the Instagram account of Fashion Pulis and netizens were asked to share if they like or dislike the outfit.

Several netizens said that they don’t like it and gave their justification why it did not please their fashion sense. Here are some of the comments.

catriona gray comments

Meanwhile, in the recent Instagram post of Mak Tumang, he shared a gown with the same shade of color as what Catriona Gray wore. Comments of netizens were connected to the outfit of the Miss Universe 2018 that she wore in Colombia.

Here are the comments from netizens on the post of Mak Tumang.

What can you say about this?

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