2 Men in Pangasinan Join Forces to Molest Their Another Male Friend

2 Pangasinan Men Molested Their Another Male Friend After Drinking Session

Drunk male in Mangaldan, Pangasinan suffered from molestation with his two (2) men friends after their drinking session.

Two men were arrested after allegedly working together to molest a friend of theirs who is also a man. According to the report of GMA News’ “Balitang Amianan” on Tuesday, the victim was 26 years old.

2 Men in Pangasinan
Image Source: GMA News

The police investigation appeared that the two suspects invited the victim to have an alcoholic drink with them. The drinking session was allegedly made at the house of one of the suspects.

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Based on the victim’s story, when he fell asleep due to intoxication, the two allegedly exploited the victim there and committed obscenity. The victim has nothing to do as he is drunk and the suspects are masculine men.

According to Police Lieutenant Colonel Police Lieutenant Jun Wacnag, chief of the Mangaldan Police Station, the two suspects were immediately arrested when the victim reported them.

The two suspects did not give a statement but denied the allegation. The victim, however, decided to pursue the complaint with his two friends.

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