Cristy Fermin Calls Kris Aquino ‘Bratinella’, Here’s The Reason Why

Cristy Fermin talked about Kris Aquino in her recent writeup

Entertainment columnist/reporter Cristy Fermin called actress-host Kris Aquino “bratinella” due to this reason.

The issue between Kris and Cristy was first brought up by columnist Lolit Solis in her post on Instagram. Manay Lolit revealed that she and Cristy were supposed to do a talk show with Kris.

kris aquino
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However, that project did not push through as Cristy wanted Mr. Fu, their co-hosts in Take It Per Minute Me Ganun, to join them. As Kris first refused and later on permitted but for just trial episodes, Cristy decided to just turn down the project. Lolit’s decision was also to back out as Cristy will not do it anymore.

In line with this issue, Cristy Fermin, in her recent article in Pilipino Star Ngayon, talked about Kris Aquino. The title of the writeup is “Kris walang kupas ang pagiging bratinella!”

Cristy directly said that Kris had show her “kayabangan at pagiging bratinella”. The columnist also mentioned that the actress-host has been negotiating with TV networks but still fails as executives turned her down.

She added that Kris is still doing the “power tripping” and she thought that has changed already because of having no project for several years.

“Dati na siyang ganu’n, kung ano ang gusto niya ay palaging kailangang masunod, pero akala nami’y nagbago na siya dahil ilang taon na nga siyang walang proyekto,” Cristy said in her article.

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She also elaborated what happened to the project negotiation. According to Cristy Fermin, Puregold offered this project to her, Lolit Solis, Mr. Fu, and Kris Aquino.

During the first meeting, Cristy wasn’t able to attend because of her prior engagement but the rest were there. The columnist said that everything was set already and even their talent fees were already talked about.

However, one day Kris just said that she does not want to work with Mr. Fu because she does not know him and that he does not belong to their level, as what Cristy said in her article.

lolit solis cristy fermin mr fu
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The columnist also shared the reaction of Mr. Fu regarding the decision of Kris. “Huwag ka nang magalit, ‘Nay, carry ko ‘yan. Gagawin ko ang show para sa inyo ni Manay Lolit,” he said to Cristy.

This scenario did not sit well with Cristy Fermin as for her, Kris Aquino stole the self-confidence of Mr. Fu and this happened twice already.

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