Padayon In English – English Translation Of “Padayon”

What Is Padayon In English? (Answer)

PADAYON IN ENGLISH – There are several Filipino words that do not have a direct translation in English, that’s why we need context to fully translate them.

In this article, we are going to learn about the Hiligaynon translation of the word “Padayon” based on context.

Padayon In English – English Translation Of "Padayon"

Padayon is a word that comes from the Language called “Hiligaynon”. This particular language could be found in some areas of the Visayas such as Iloilo and Negros Occidental. The word means “to continue”, however, this single word means so much more.

When people are in a tough place in life, struggling, and facing tremendous pressures, often times you’ll here them chant a mantra – “Padayon”. As such, this simple words becomes a beacon of hope that says “I’ll push through any challenge life gives me”.

So, Padayon means so much more than just “to continue”. Instead, it gives people hope that despite the hardships in life, all we have to do is stay strong and move forward, because better things are waiting ahead.

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