Sharon Cuneta Bag Collection: Megastar Shows Her Favorite Bags

Here’s a few of Sharon Cuneta owned bags, a few from her collection.

SHARON CUNETA – Megastar and OPM icon Sharon Cuneta has featured in her latest vlog a few favorite objects from her bag collection.

Aside from being investments, the bags of Megastar Sharon Cuneta is something that she collected for future uses, for her daughters, and for her daughter-in-law. Her collection has one of the most beautiful designs from various luxury brands and some are even rare.

Sharon Cuneta
Photo grabbed on YouTube

Here are the bags she shared from her collection along with the back stories:

  • Black Birkin of Hermes in shiny crocodile skin with Palladium hardware which she bought in Hong Kong amid facing problems about relationship with husband
  • Amarante Monogram Vernish Melrose Avenue Louis Vuitton bag she bough in Zurich, Switzerland in burgundy which the shade looks similar to a deep red color of a red wine and she never used it along with others such as a Brea in purple crocodile leather, a black Twist bag, and a Capucines in pearl gray. 
Sharon Cuneta
Photo grabbed on YouTube
  • Brea Purple Crocodile Leather Louis Vuitton bag which she loved the most describing it as “the most perfect shade of color”
  • Birkins in colors Bleu Brighton (her favorite), Periwinkle Leather, Rose Lipstick
  • Chanel Vintage Chain-Strap Bag which she owned for three decades
  • Black Kelly bag in soft leather with gold hardware which is also around 30 years old as this is one of the first bags she bought
  • Vintage Louis Vuitton bag in Damier canvas which her mother used during the last days of her life and something that she cherished the most

In the video, here are some of the comments of netizens who are in awe of her expensive bags:

She isn’t boastful at all. She’s real.

She’s so lovable while showing ‘expensive bags’ and didn’t sound like bragging or something.

For me, she has the best bag collection.


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