8 PhilHealth Top Officials Suspended by Ombudsman for 6 Months

Ombudsman Orders 8 PhilHealth Top Officials Suspended for 6 Months

PHILHEALTH TOP OFFICIALS SUSPENDED – The Ombudsman issued a 6-month preventive suspension against 8 top officers of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation.

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or more commonly called as PhilHealth is undeniably hooked into several corruption issues now. It started when a former officer of the government agency claimed that massive corruption is happening inside the agency.

Then, PhilHealth was led by Ricardo Morales. He was quick to debunk the claims of his former staff and claimed that it rooted from personal concerns.

Many people were undeniably alarmed by the claim of the PhilHealth officer including some authorities. An investigation was lodged on the government agency.

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PhilHealth Top Officials Suspended
Photo: Atin Ito

Aside from the said corruption issue, Senator Richard Gordon wants PhilHealth investigated over its debt to the Philippine Red Cross. Its debt reportedly reached P930 million.

Red Cross stopped the swab testing of the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and those covered under the guidelines of the Department of Health (DOH). It was just recently when PhilHealth made a partial payment of P500 million and Red Cross resumed the swab testing.

Based on a recent report on ABS-CBN News, Ombudsman has released an order against 8 PhilHealth top officials to be placed under preventive suspension.

The following are the 8 PhilHealth top officials suspended by the Ombudsman for six months:

  • Chief Operating Officer Arnel de Jesus
  • Executive Vice President Renato Limsiaco
  • Senior Vice President Dr. Israel Pargas
  • Area Vice President Gregorio Rulloda
  • Benefits Administration Section Head Dr. Imelda Trinidad De Vera-Pe
  • Manager Lolita Tuliao
  • Fiscal Examiner Gemma Sibucao
  • Fiscal Controller Lailani Padua

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