Ombudsman Doubts “Pastillas” Scheme Ring Leader In Anti-Graft Office

Ombudsman Express Doubts Of Pastillas Scheme Masterminds’ Pull In Anti-Graft Office

OMBUDSMAN ON PASTILLAS SCHEME – Ombudsman Samuel Martires expressed his doubts regarding allegations on the pastillas scheme.

Recently, a whistle blower known as Jeffrey Dale Ignacio tagged former Ports Division Chief Marc Red Mariñas as the mastermind behind the scheme. Furthermore, the immigration officer whistle blower claimed Mariñas had contacts from within the Office of the Ombudsman.

However, upon hearing this, Martires immediately had doubts regarding the whistle blower’s statements. During an interview with CNN, Marites emphasized that his office increased security since last may.

Ombudsman Doubts "Pastillas" Scheme Ring Leader In Anti-Graft Office
Image from: Abante

Talagang nakakaduda yung sinabi ni Ignacio. Ibig sabihin yung nakakaalam sa sitwasyon ng [Office of the] Ombudsman ngayon na wala kaming pinapapasok, will not believe Ignacio“, he said.

According to Martires, Ignacio should’ve given authorities the identity of the alleged contact of the “mastermind”. Moreover, he said that his statements were harmful as it casts doubts on each employee of the Office of the Ombudsman. As per the article, he said:

Ang problema lang para kang naga-ano ng wala kang lead, kung sino ba

Everyone will become a suspect. Even the ombudsman will become a suspect kung ganyan na walang pangalan

Additionally, Martires stressed that Ignacio may be setting up a ruse to get himself immunity. Also, the Ombudsman said that more syndicates are abusing being a “whistleblower” as it would be the best way to get out of a crime.

Meanwhile, Martires said an investigation on Ignacio’s claims was already underway. Likewise, the National Bureau of Investigation would also provide a copy of the visitor’s logbook in the office.

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