Manila Cancels Traslacion 2021 Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Manila City Government Cancels Traslacion 2021 Due to Health Crisis

The Manila City government canceled Traslacion 2021 or the feast of the Black Nazarene next year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The popular religious celebration known as the feast of the Black Nazarene would be canceled in January 2021 due to the current health crisis. Manila City officials made the announcement to prevent the further spread of the disease.

It would be the first time that the annual grand procession of the life-sized image of the Black Nazarene has been canceled. The religious event in different areas usually gathers millions of Catholic devotees for the celebration.

Traslacion 2021

Traslacion is usually held every January 9 wherein the wooden statue of Jesus Christ carrying the Cross in the Quiapo district of the City of Manila, Philippines. The religious event usually last up to 22 hours.

A lot of Filipino devotees were flocking to Quiapo to join the procession believing to experience healing and miracle.

Previously, Mayor Isko Moreno announced that next year’s Traslacion might be canceled due to the pandemic.

Traslacion 2021

“There is no harm in having none for a year or two. Because there still a hundred years, 50 years, 20 years, ten years, five years… to continue to practice ‘yung pamana, ‘yung kustumbre at ‘yung pamamanata,” Moreno said.

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