PHOTOS: Catriona Gray Wears Traditional Formal Gown Of Zamboangueñas

Photos of Catriona Gray Wearing The Classic Mascota

CATRIONA GRAY – Beauty queen Catriona Gray shared photos of herself wearing the classic Mascota – the traditional formal gown on Zamboangueñas.

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray is a “One Town One Product” (OTOP) ambassadress for the Department of Industry (DTI). The program is a stimulus program for Micro, Small, and Medium-scale Enterprises (MSMEs) to expand and market the local products.

OTOP PH said the Filipina-Australian beauty queen also met with the entrepreneurs in Zamboanga. She was welcomed by Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco. She shared their photos on her official Facebook Page.

Photo Source: @catriona_gray IG

Catriona Gray wore famous prints of Mindanao during her visit to the Yakan Weaving Community. She met the master weaver Zalma Ballati.

She also made a quick trip to Zamboanga’s beaches. She uploaded her photos showcasing the beauty of the beaches on her Instagram account.

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Photo Source: @catriona_gray IG

On Monday, October 12, Catriona Gray shared “a glimpse into the life Zamboangueña in the 1700s” on her Facebook page. She shared several photos of herself wearing the Mascota, the traditional formal gown of Zamboanguenas.

She said the Mascota is made up of six (6) elements: the copiño (silk or cotton slip), candongga (panuelo), renggue, sobre falda (tapis), cola (the skirt), and enaguas (inner lining of the skirt).

“Without just one of these elements, it is not a mascota. The designer Erich Miñoza derived his inspiration from a traditional Chavacano song “Cucurukuk Cucudia,” she added.

Photo Source: @Catriona Gray FB

Here are the photos:

Photo Source: @Catriona Gray FB
Photo Source: @Catriona Gray FB

Netizens couldn’t help but react to Catriona Gray’s lovely pictures. Here are some of their comments from the post:

@RodRisa Ortiz: “I wish i could wear those beautiful mascota one of these days, such elegant & rich culture Chavacano You’re such a beauty Queen Catriona”

@Em Jae Pi: “Tuloy pa din ang national costume competition char!!! I appreciate that Queen Cat is continuously promoting our culture and heritage”

@Clarita Lomibao: “Oh my…. so elegant and beyond beautiful!!!You always elevate everything in the highest level, Cat!!!”

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