43 PhilHealth Senior Officials Resign, Retire Amid Corruption Issues

43 PhilHealth Senior Officials Retire, Leave Posts

PHILHEALTH SENIOR OFFICIALS – Amid the corruption issues involving PhilHealth, 43 of its officers resigned and retired.

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or more commonly called as PhilHealth is currently hooked to corruption issues. It was after one of its former officers claimed that ill practices are taking place inside the agency.

Then, the state-run health insurance institution was led by Ricardo Morales. He was quick to deny the claim but investigations was pursued by the authorities.

Amid the probe, Morales filed a medical leave. Later on, he resigned from his post as the PhilHealth President and was replaced by former National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Chief Dante Gieran.

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PhilHealth Senior Officials

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte gave PhilHealth Chief Dante Gieran until December to clean the agency from corruption. There is a possibility that it may be restructured.

Meanwhile, the Palace assured that the people will not be losing their contributions to PhilHealth. Many are undeniably worried as they rely to the health insurance in times of medical emergencies.

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, Gieran directed the PhilHealth senior officials from Salary Grade 26 to tender their resignation. It was heeded by 27 officers.

The 27 officers that resigned from their posts, 21 are from the national office while six (6) are from the regional offices. Based on the report, aside from the said 27 officers, 16 others retired from their posts – 6 from the regional offices and 10 from the central offices.

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