Grab Rider Goes Viral For Studying While Performing his Job

Inspiring Photos of Grab Rider Goes Viral For Studying While Performing his Job Earn Praises Online

The inspiring photos of a Grab rider who has been spotted studying for a bit while performing his delivery job goes viral online.

A lot of delivery riders are striving hard just to earn money to provide the financial necessities of their families. However, most of them usually experience trouble and difficulties while performing their job.

Some delivery employees are still studying while working to earn money and support their studies.

Grab Rider

A delivery rider named Marvin Ancheta is sneaking just to read his notes and study for a little bit during his delivery job. The hardworking employee goes viral and earned praises from the online community.

A netizen named Mark Lester Margallo who is also working as a rider took the photos and uploaded it on social media. Mark said that Marvin is a hardworking man and a political science student at the same time.

Margallo revealed that he usually sees Marvin studying while waiting for the next booking. He also expressed his admiration towards the hardworking Grab rider for his determination and perseverance in life.

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Grab Rider

The social media users lauded the rider for his actions:

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