Ivana Alawi Shares Design Of New House She’s Building For Her Family

Here’s what the new house of Kapamilya actress Ivana Alawi looks like.

IVANA ALAWI – Celebrity vlogger Ivana Alawi shows us the modern design of the new house she’s building for her family and netizens have these reactions.

Kapamilya actress and one of the fast rising YouTube vloggers is Ivana Alawi. Usually, her contents on her channel includes pulling off a prank to her family, challenes, mukbang and Q & A, and among other highlights of her life she wanted to share to her viewers.


She once revealed that she is not spending a single amount from her salary in Youtube and this is because she’s planning to spend the money to the building of dream house for her mother and her family. With this, her viewers just loved her even more for her love for family. Her channel now has more than 8.9 million subscribers.

And in her recent vlog, she showed us the design of the house they’re building and took us with her to the lot where it will stand. It has a modern design with crystals covering the most of the front facade. Meanwhile, the interiors, as to what she shared, is mostly made of gold and white with classic styles because that’s how her mother wanted it to be.


And at the end part of the video, she gave another reason why people should really look up to her and admire her more. She bought a land for her brother where he can build a house for his own family. They mentioned that Hash is just a very simple guy and don’t want anything expensive which is why she just decided to buy him a lot.

On Twitter, she shared a scene and photo of them together for the thumbnail of her vlog appreciating how supportive her brother is. The photoshoot happened before the surprise accordingly. The actress wrote, “This was taken before we revealed our surprise for bro. Look how supportive he is while we were taking our thumbnail photo.”

Watch the video below:

Here are some of the comments:

someone that doesn’t ask for anything really deserves everything ❤️

When he said, “This is too much, Mariam.” Gosssssh! God bless you more, Ivana

Ivana is the loving sister I know who loves her brother and her family,♥️♥️


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