Disappointed Woman Caught Her Brother & Daughter Sleeping Together

Disappointed Woman Seeks Raffy Tulfo’s Help After she Caught Her Brother & Daughter Having Affair

A disappointed woman identified as Nanay Loregen seeks Raffy Tulfo’s help after she caught her brother and daughter having an affair.

Nanay Loregen seeks the help of the veteran broadcaster to settle the issue after learning that her brother Leonardo and her daughter eating in one plate and even sleeping together. Her husband also noticed the suspicious movement of the two.

The disappointed mom also tried to separate the two by sending her brother back to her father in Bulacan. Loregen revealed that Leonardo obeyed her and returned to Bulacan but robbed some of her money.

Disappointed Woman

Raffy Tulfo interviewed alias Lyn and Leonardo but the two denied the accusations against them. The young guy repeatedly denied that he is having an affair with the teenage girl.

Alias Lyn also revealed that her mother’s former boyfriend is abusing and harassing her. Lyn is also claiming that the man is turning the table. She is also accusing her mom’s current partner of abusing her.

The radio broadcaster is also suspecting that two were having an affair. However, the two repeatedly denied the accusations.

Disappointed Woman

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