This is part 2 of the revelations of BB Gandanghari

Transwoman vlogger BB Gandanghari continued the intimate encounter that happened between Rustom Padilla and a popular male star.

BB, through his vlog, revealed that Rustom had a past relationship with a famous actor when they were both in San Francisco for a showbiz gig. Netizens concluded that the “Jonathan” in her story was Piolo Pascual who already addressed the gay issues against him several years ago.

BB Gandanghari
Photo source: @gandangharibb IG

However, amid the accusations, the hunk actor remained silent. Comedienne Ai-Ai delas Alas, who is both close to Rustom and Piolo said that BB should move on from this chapter in her life before. It appeared that Ai-Ai has also known this story or it could be a confirmation.

Despite the bashing that she received due to her “tell-all” vlog, BB Gandanghari told the next scenarios in the story of David and Jonathan in San Francisco. She said that the two continued to have their communication while they were still.

One night, they met and went to a motel. However, BB clarified that what Rustom and the male star was just kissing and nothing more than that. She said that Rustom was already confused at that time because of what he was feeling towards Jonathan.

bb gandanghari
📷: @gandangharibb IG

BB also cited several times that Jonathan and David held hands as if it was just natural for them to do that. When the male star went back to the Philippines, the communication was still there and their conversations continued to be “getting to know each other”.

For their last meeting before the popular actor left San Francisco, Rustom gave him a card.

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“So noong nagkita sila, I think they were just really in the car and so, wala lang, paalamanan and assuring each other na, ‘We will keep in touch, both parties,’ and for sure na walang maglu-lose ng communication. Rustom gave his card, and so tapos na. Jonathan flew out of San Francisco,” BB Gandanghari shared.

Three days after that, Rustom also went back to the Philippines. BB ended her revelation part 2 at that point. She also clarified why she shared this chapter of Rustom’s life.

“Now if you’ll ask me bakit kasama, because… this was the intersection. So pumapasok na tayo sa intersection ng untold story ni Rustom, because sa pag-uwi niyang ito sa eroplano, ang gulo ng isip ni Rustom,” she said.

BB also clarified that she is not outing other people because she reasoned out that one act will not define a person unless that person will repeat the same act everyday.

What can you say about this?

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