Lady Gamer Rhea Retiza Slams Guy Who Brags His Car & Forcing Her for Date

Lady Gamer Rhea Retiza Criticizes Guy Who Brags His Car

The gorgeous lady gamer named Rhea Retiza lambasted an alleged breezy guy bragging its car while forcing her for a date.

Nowadays, a lot of ladies are looking for an ideal guy who have a stable source of income and could provide their financial necessities. However, some women are still looking for sincere and good guys who could really love and take care of them.

A Facebook user named Rhea Retiza has expressed her disappointment towards a breezy guy inviting her for a date. Her post spread like a wildfire online and garnered various reactions from the online community.

Rhea Retiza

Retiza has shared her conversations with a stranger guy named Jack who was inviting her for a date. The female gamer refused to accept Jack’s offer for a date but the latter insist and even tried to convince her desperately.

After a few moments, the guy bragged that he has a car and willing to pay for everything during their date. Rhea still refused to meet the guy and criticized him for his inappropriate behavior towards women.

Rhea Retiza Rhea Retiza Rhea Retiza Rhea Retiza Rhea Retiza

Here is the full post:

“Ayoko maging scandalous tonight but I couldn’t be more proper after reading this haha lol, sobrang prone ko naman sa mga kinulang sa yamang mga mayayabang na pangit.

After countless encounters, I think I have to be vocal about it. Read at your own risk and if it’s offending for you, feel free to leave my timeline. I don’t have enough time to satisfy everyone’s mindset.

EDITED: I don’t have any problem with the car model itself, I just didn’t like it when he started asking sino ba ako? I have tons of male friends whose cars are better than his but don’t bait females by wheels. Get?!


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