Several PhilHealth Executive Officials Sign Bank Secrecy Waiver

Several PhilHealth Executive Officials Agree To Open Bank Accounts for Investigation

PHILHEALTH EXECUTIVE OFFICIALS – Several officers of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation signed a bank secrecy waiver.

Recently, one of the top issues that gained different reactions from the people is the alleged corruption inside the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation. More commonly called as PhilHealth, it is a state-run medical insurance institution.

A huge part of the Filipino populace is a member of PhilHealth. Members pay monthly or quarterly so when unwanted medical emergencies take place, they can obtain some assistance in paying for the hospital bills and the treatment.

However, recently, PhilHealth said that it may shut down in 2022 in case the COVID-19 pandemic will persist. According to the institution, it is running out of funds. The statement came amid the corruption issues against the body.

PhilHealth Executive Officials

Amid the issues of corruption surrounding PhilHealth, its senior Vice President resigned. Also, PhilHealth Chief Ricardo Morales filed a medical leave.

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Based on a report on GMA News, several PhilHealth executive officials recently signed a bank secrecy waiver. It will allow the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) to check on their accounts.

PhilHealth Spokesperson Shirley Domingo who is one of those who signed made the confirmation. Based on the report, the following are some of the PhilHealth executive officials who signed a bank secrecy waiver:

  • Senior Vice President for Information Management Jovita Aragona
  • Senior Vice President for Fund Management Renato Limsiaco Jr.
  • Senior Vice President for Finance Policy Israel Pargas
  • Acting Senior Vice President for Actuarial Services Nerissa Santiago

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