World of Dance: UPeepz Showcases Pinoy Culture In WOD Semis

UPeepz Showcases Pinoy Culture In World of Dance Semifinals

WORLD OF DANCE – Dance group UPeepz showcased the Pinoy culture at the “World of Dance” semifinals.

There are so many things Filipinos can boast about the Philippines. They are renowned all over the world for their remarkable qualities.

There have been several world-renowned Pinoy talents in performing arts and music. The country is rich with fashion designers, visual artists, animators, and many other artists. Foreigners get astounded with their talents.

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The hip-hop dance crew UPeepz showcased the Pinoy culture at the “Word of Dance” semifinals. The dancers showed a colorful and exhilarating routine at the dance competition show.

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UPeepz wore traditional garments and used fans as their props. They also performed the traditional Philippine folk dance “Tinikling” at the dance competition to the tune of “Black Eyed Peas” hit song “Bebot.” The video of their performance was shared on NBC World of Dance’s Youtube Channel.

Judge Jennifer Lopez was impressed by their performance. Judge Derek Hough said he admired that the Pinoy group drew inspiration from their own culture.

“You guys just like ooze passion. I just feel your passion for dance so much and I love the fact that you brought in your culture into this piece,” he said.

However, he noted that the tinikling part of their routine was kind of “felt like it dipped in energy.”

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Judge Neyo shared the same sentiments on UPeepz’s tinikling. He said, “I love when the fans came out. The part that threw me was the bamboo part, but the thing that I’ve come to know and appreciate you guys for was all there.”

The Pinoy dance group garnered an average score of 89. They did not make it to the finals. Watch their performance below:

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