Monitor Lizard Spotted Wandering in the Streets of Village in Davao City

Monitor Lizard in Davao City Spotted in the Streets of a Private Village Goes Viral

Video footage of a monitor lizard roaming in a private village in Davao City goes viral days after two ostriches and swine were also seen running loose.

In the past few days, bizarre events were caught on the camera and went viral on social media. First were the two ostriches and a goat who was spotted running loose in a private village in Quezon City.

Monitor Lizard
Image captured from the video

Followed by swine running on a public road, a peacock found loitering in Alabang Hills and a horse who intercepts the flyover road in Bacolod City. Meanwhile, another animal spotted in Davao City can be included on the list.

In the Facebook post of a homeowner and a concerned netizen named Maverick Dave Cantillo, he shows video footage of a monitor lizard or locally known as “Bayawak” roaming in the streets of Las Terrazas Subdivision.

Monitor Lizard
Image captured from the video

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According to Maverick, he was on his way outside his subdivision in Barangay Ma-a when he saw the bayawak crawling on the road; seemingly looking for food. He said it was the first time they saw a monitor lizard around their subdivision.

These recent happenings have made netizens think that someone is playing “Jumanji”- a board game that summons different kinds of animals from the wild and creates a bizarre event. Netizens thought that these animals who run loose on the street came from “Jumanji.”

Meanwhile, one of the ostriches who was caught by the security guards in the Quezon City private village was reportedly dead. The ostrich was brought to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources after it was caught.

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