Woman In Singapore Caused Fire In After Knowing Husband Wanted Divorce

Woman In Singapore Caused Fire In After Knowing Husband Wanted Divorce

WOMAN IN SINGAPORE – A woman caused a fire in her home on the 13th floor of a block of flats in Bedok North, Singapore.

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This resulted in more than $17,000 in damage , according to an article in Inquirer.

The woman set their home on fire after knowing that her husband wanted a divorce.

The fire, which started from a lit cigarette, caused residents of 20 units between the 10th and 14th floors of the block to evacuate.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the fire. The woman, identified as Malisah Mohammad Said, aged 31, was sentenced on Thursday to five months of jail after admitting to a mischief charge.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Samuel Chew reported that the couple had been living separately before the fire due to an argument.

The suspect was at home at around 12:30 PM on July 15 last year when she got a voice message from her husband, telling her that he wanted a divorce.

She replied that she would move out. At around 5 PM, she smoked a cigarette in the master bedroom.

The court heard that pieces of drawing paper, which belonged to her eight-year-old daughter from her previous marriage, were scattered on the bed at that time.

“After the accused was done smoking, she flicked the lit cigarette towards the en-suite bathroom of the master bedroom.

“The accused saw the lit cigarette land on the mattress of the bed. The accused also saw smoke rising from the mattress, and that the lit cigarette was starting to burn the mattress.”

Malisah was aware that it could cause a fire to break out but left the flat without extinguishing it as she wanted revenge against her husband.

10 minutes later, cops reported that the Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) gained calls from members of the public, warning them that a fire had broken out in the flat.

Based on the report, officers were deployed to the incident and the suspect’s neighbours had to be evacuated.

The fire was declared out at around 5:45 PM. By then, the fire caused $16,820 in damage to the area.

It also damaged an air-conditioning unit of a neighboring flat and the repair cost was about $300.

The woman can be in jail for up to seven years and will be possibly fined.

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