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What Is The Earth’s What Is The Earth Mantle – About The Layer Of Earth

EARTH MANTLE – In this topic, we are going to know about one of trhe layers of the Earth known as the Earth’s mantle.

Image from: Planet Earth

It is the second layer of Earth. It was formerly solid which currently behaves as a viscous fluid. The layer has a thickness of 2,900 kilometres or 1,800 miles.

It also has a mass of about 4.01 × 1024 kilograms, making up 67% of the mass of the Earth.

 It is split into two parts:

  • Lithosphere 
    • The lithosphere is the top layer of the mantle and is a dense rock made out of iron and nickel.
  • Asthenosphere
    • The aesthenosphere, on the other hand, is the bottom part of the mantle and is made of a plastic-like fluid.

The mantle is divided into three layers:

  • Upper Mantle
  • Transition Zone
  • Lower Mantle

Inside the mantle, an event called convection currents exist where they spin the mantle’s layers round and round.

Its convection is a chaotic process which is deduced to be an integral part of the motion of plates.

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