PhilHealth Controversy: Celebrities Express “Nanggi-gigil” Reactions

Celebrities reactions over PhilHealth controversy and alleged anomalies.

PHILHEALTH CONTROVERSY – Famous celebrities expressed sentiments over the alleged anomalies within PhilHealth which involved huge amount of money.

The implementation of the interim reimbursement mechanism, the information and communication technology equipment worth Php 734 million flagged by the Commission on Audit, and the alleged manipulation of its “financial status” – These are the issues the Senate will be focusing on as they will probe into the alleged corruption in the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth).

PhilHealth Controversy

A whistleblower has revealed that Php 15 billion of the funds have went to the wallets of a “syndicate” in the company which is just in the year 2019 alone. Lawyer Thorrsson Montes Keith described this as the “crime of the year”, he is a former antifraud officer of the corporation.

With this adding up to all the happenings this year along with the pandemic and among other problems being piled up without any resolution, celebrities, who became the mass’ voice, expressed their frustration online. Specifically to this issue of the PhilHealth, they were in fury as big amount from the people was involved to corruption allegation.

Check out some of their sentiments and statements below:

Para yan sa kalusugan ng taong bayan na pinagtrabahuhan. Ano na, Philhealth?! Ibalik nyo ang pera!!!

Iniisip mo pa lang kung gaano kalayo ang mararating ng 15 Billion pesos sa Covid response

And I am sure no one will go to jail.

Woow!! kawawang pilipinas, nakakawalang pag asa.

Meanwhile, the corporation might collapse by 2022 if the pandemic persist as per the execs which is a worrisome.


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