Imelda Marcos trends online after Old Grandma Arrested due to Shoplifting

This old grandma was arrested and Imelda Marcos not arrested due to age and health condition recalled.

IMELDA MARCOS – Trending online is Imelda Marcos as people remembered the favor given to her which was not given to this old grandma caught shoplifting.

Last 2018, it could be remembered that the authorities took consideration over the health and age of politician Imelda Marcos. Dir. Gen. Oscar Albayalde, Chief of the Philippine National Police reasoned that because of her old age and because being a woman didn’t any threats to them.

Imelda Marcos
Photo Source: Telegraph

Also, he stressed that a standard in their book is to consider the persons who are of old age. Due to these, they refused to arrest the former First Lady. following her conviction of a number of graft cases at the Sandiganbayan. She is the widow of dictator Ferdinand Marcos. She was sentenced to up to 77 years of imprisonment. But it seems like a special treatment was given to her.

And now, recently erupted online is an old grandmother who is already 60 years old being arrested due to shoplifting. The incident happened at a convenience store in Bel-Air in Makati City. She got cans of luncheon meat, several bars of chocolates, and body sprays.

And comparing the situation of the former first lady and the normal old lady, here are some of the comments of the netizens based on Twitter:

Kahit anong edad ka pa mali talaga ang magnakaw, diba po Madam Imelda

see how justice works differently from those in power and those in poverty?

Ladies and gentlemen, the justice system in the Philippines.

ang batas ba applicable lang sa mahihirap?

And why can convicted people of power … get away with it?

People will be forced to do anything, even stealing, just to have food on the table.


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