Uncle Rushes To “Save” Niece From Kidnappers, Forgets Clothes

Uncle Rushes To Save Niece From Abduction, Finds Her In Kitchen

UNCLE NATHAN – Filled with adrenaline, Nathan Murphy rushes toward a van attempting to “save” his niece from an “abduction”.

According to Nathan, he heard his 11-year-old niece, Lucy, screaming as a van was screeching away close to their home. Unfortunately for Nathan, he didn’t have enough time to grab clothes.

In a spur of desperation, Nathan quickly went outside and tried to open his dad’s car to chase the van. But, his panic quickly turned to a viral embarrassment as he saw Lucy walk past him in the front door. Luckily, the Nathan’s family caught the entire scene unfold thanks to captured CCTV footage.

Nude Uncle Rushes To "Save" Niece From Kidnappers, Ends Red-Faced
Image from: THE SUN

The footage was shared on Facebook and quickly became viral, garnering over 500,000 views since it was uploaded. Meanwhile, according to an article from The Sun, Nathan said he was asleep and woke up when he heard screaming.

I opened the window and thought someone had been run over or was getting stabbed or something.

I jumped up out the bed, tried to find my clothes and I ended up just grabbing a t-shirt thinking it was my bottoms and I flew downstairs

He said that he rushed to his dad’s car to try and chase down the alleged “kidnappers”. However, as he got in the car, he saw his niece come around the corner from the kitchen.

Nude Uncle Rushes To "Save" Niece From Kidnappers, Ends Red-Faced
Image from: Sports World

Here is the full video:

Nathan’s adrenaline was mostly fueled when his sister, ran out screaming “That is our Lucy!! It’s Lucy I swear!!” as a nearby van was heard screeching as it passed by. Luckily, Lucy got out of the house when everybody was in a panic, and the family had the biggest laugh and sigh of relief.

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