Indonesian Man Found Frozen In Chinese Ship, Filipinos Involved

Indonesian Man Found Frozen Aboard Detained Chinese Fishing Vessel

INDONESIAN MAN FOUND FROZEN – Another maritime incident has been reported, this time, authorities suspected foul play.

On Thursday, the frozen body of a 20-year-old Indonesian man was discovered aboard a detained Chinese fishing vessel. The authorities intercepted two boats in the Malacca Strait after receiving a tip.

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According to an article from SCMP, the authorities were given information that a crew member died aboard one of the ships. Furthermore, the 20-year-old Indonesian was said to have been tortured and frozen inside the ship.

Indonesian Man Found Frozen In Chinese Ship, Filipinos Involved
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Upon further investigation, the man was found aboard the “Lu Huang Yuan Yu 117”. Moreover, the body had been kept inside a freezer since late June. As per the article, spokesman Harry Hart said:

The victim had physical injures, but we’re conducting an autopsy to determine the cause of death

Following this, dozens of crew members aboard the fishing vessel were investigated regarding the man’s death. Among those questioned were crew hailing from China, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Sadly, anti-trafficking personnel said the fishing industry is a hot-spot for forced labor and exploit. Workers wouldn’t be paid, become overworked, be subject to violence, or even get killed.

These traffickers target the poor and uneducated and promise a better life if they would become part of the crew. Last month, three dead Indonesian crew members were reported to be thrown off a Chinese-flagged ship into the sea.

In early June, two Indonesians chose to jump off a Chinese boat to escape what they described as abusive and horrific conditions.

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