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Hayden Kho received this question from Scarlet Snow Belo

Celebrity baby Scarlet Snow Belo asked this grown-up question to her father celebrity doctor Hayden Kho.

The videos and photos of Scarlet on Instagram always catch the attention of many netizens. Aside from being adorable, she is also known for being smart and talented.

scarlet snow belo hayden kho
📷: @victoria_belo IG

Scarlet also has the innate ability to pull a conversation with adults, just like what she usually does with her parents. In the recent Instagram post of beauty doctor Vicki Belo, she shared a video of her dinner with Hayden and their daughter with the caption: “Challenging questions for daddy !!!”

The celebrity baby asked to her father, “When can I start drinking wine?” For a while, Doc Hayden went silent and said “when I say so.” With eagerness to know when exactly, Scarlet asked again.

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Then, Hayden said, “when you turn 18.” He added that Scarlet’s first glass of wine will be with him as they will have a date together. Doc Vicki interrupted and said that she should go with them but her husband said that it would be his bonding moment with his daughter.

Following that, Hayden Kho said that he will teach Scarlet Snow Belo how dating goes. “I don’t understand,” the young celebrity answered.

“You have to explain to her all the strategies of men,” Doc Hayden said to his wife. Then, Vicki predicted that her husband will spy on their daughter’s date.

In the comment section, Doc Hayden commented on the way his daughter was eating. “I’ll let her eat like that in front of the guy and if he finds it cute then he’d have passed the screening test for humor. 99 tests to go on section 1,” he said.

Watch the video.

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