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Gunmen Slay 15 Farmers In Northern Nigeria Says Police Reports

GUNMEN SLAY 15 FARMERS – According to the authorities, farmers from the Northwest Katsina state of Nigeria reported the killing of 15 farmers.

Moreover, the police have linked the incident as part of a large-scale cattle-thieving scheme turned violent. In addition, reports indicated that there were roughly 200 gunmen riding on motorcycles that terrorized the farmers of Yargamij village.

Based on an article from ABS-CBN, police spokesperson Gambo Isah stated:

Fifteen bodies were recovered from the farms after the attack which was carried out by bandits.

They came on motorcycles numbering around 200.”

Furthermore, the horrific incident was confirmed by the locals. They said that the gunmen arrived at around 10:00 GMT. Afterward, they stopped at the crop fields outside of Yargamij and began to lay-waste on the farmers.

Gunmen Slay 15 Farmers According To Police Reports
Image from: Boko Haram

As per the article, Isah said counter-terrorism members were deployed to “engage the bandits”. However, even with the fast response, the farmers sustained 15 casualties.

Still, this was not the first instance of an attack such as this. Rural areas in Katsina, President Muhammadu Buhari’s home state has been attack repeatedly by gangs of cattle thieves.

Just last month, the bandits have killed a total of 57 farmers during raids in several villages in the state. Meanwhile, peace talks and coordination with the gangs have turned out unsuccessful.

As such, the military has carried out air raids on bandit home bases in Katsina and the nearby Zamfara state to put a stop to the incessant deaths of the farmers.

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