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Over 200 Scientists Show Evidence Of Airborne COVID-19 Transmission

CORONAVIRUS AIRBORNE? – Since then, scientists have contemplated on the possibility of COVID-19 being capable of airborne transmissions.

The coronavirus pandemic has infected over 11 million five hundred thousand individuals worldwide. Moreover, over half a million have died due to the disease.

But, after nearly 5 months since the virus became mainstream, a new threat about COVID-19 has been discovered – its potential to be airborne. According to an article from Washington Post, more than 200 scientist from over 30 countries backed up this claim.

Covid-19 Airborne Possible – 239 Scientist In 30 Countries Show Evidence
Image from: Euronews

The scientist group wrote a paper titled “It Is Time to Address Airborne Transmission of Covid-19“. This paper was signed by over 239 scientists to raise awareness about evidence they gathered to prove the virus could be airborne.

As per the report, the signatories of the paper emphasized how the virus could spread indoors through aerosols lingering in the air. Moreover, the virus was said to be infectious even in smaller quantities than previously thought.

Currently, most of the public health advisories regarding COVID-19 include social distancing and proper hygiene. However, scientists believe that the potential ability of the virus to spread through air has not been appreciated, especially by WHO.

As per the report, Lawrence Gostin, a professor of global health law at Georgetown University said:

WHO’s credibility is being undermined through a steady drip-drip of confusing messages, including asymptomatic spread, the use of masks, and now the airborne transmission

Meanwhile, who stated that they have become aware of the airborne issue and would have their experts review the matter. Still, the scientist group said that WHO is slowly losing the confidence of the scientific community without clear technical guidelines.

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