Sam And Sarah Saw Seven Sharks Riddle (Answer)

HOW MANY S’s? – In this article, we are going to answer the riddle that goes “Sam and Sarah Saw Seven Sharks While Swimming. How Many S’s are in This Sentence?”.

Amid the coronavirus quarantine, several riddles are making waves across social media. This time, we are going to answer the How Many S’s are in this sentence riddle.

The answer to the “Sam And Sarah” riddle is one (1). This is because the sentences asked you “how many “S’s” are there in THIS SENTENCE. Therefore, you only need to look at how many S’s are there in the word “Sentence”.

Sam And Sarah Saw Seven Sharks (How Many S's Riddle, Answers)
Image from: NPR

But, that is only one of the possible answers to the riddle of Sarah and Sam. The riddle confuses you with the amount of S’s in the sentence. You’d have Sharks and even Swimming which also has “S’s”.

So, some would argue that the S’s included in the entire riddle should count as well. If that were the case, the answer would be six (6).

Meanwhile, another popular answer to the Sam and Sarah or the How Many S’s are in this sentence riddle is two (2). The logic behind it is that you would count the all the capital letter “S’s” in the sentence. So, in the final sentences “How Many “S‘s” are in this Sentence, the number of capital letter “S’s is two.

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