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Pinay Food Tech Creates Healthy Beer From Durian

PINAY CREATES HEALTHY BEER – The usual sentiment people have about alcohol is that it is bad for our health.

Admittedly, alcohol does pose many dangers, especially the part where it gets people drunk. However, studies also revealed that in moderation, drinking alcohol could actually have health benefits, especially for heart health.

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But now, because of one of the most pungent fruits out there, beer just became healthier!

A food technologist who hailed from Davao created a beer made from Durian fruit for her Master’s thesis at Louisiana State University. According to an article from PeP, she had the inspiration from her previous research on probiotics back when she was at UP Mindanao.

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that are beneficial to our digestive system. One of the most famous probiotic drinks would be Yakult.

Pinay Creates Healthy Beer Made From Durian Fruit
Image from: PEP

As per the article, food technologist Kriza Faye Calumba said:

Putting probiotics in the beer is a challenging feat, so I explored using the rind from durian to protect the bacteria in the beer

She turned the rind from the durian (the white part) into a powder to trap the bacteria when mixed with the beer. The idea was to help protect the bacteria in the beer for brewing and fermentation.

Additionally, she emphasized that alcoholic drinks have been linked to problems with gut microbiota balance. However, once probiotics could be integrated into beer, she said it could be “a therapeutic avenue”.

According to Calumba, the beer they developed tasted “soury” and almost like regular beer. However, they still need to run more tests to perfect integrating probiotics with beer.

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