Ion Perez Triggered? “Mga Ulol” He Says To Critics w/ Offensive Remarks

Bashers flooded Ion Perez’s post and his controversial way of sitting.

ION PEREZ – “Its Showtime” Kuya Escort Ion Perez has this way of dealing with his bashers in a post where his way of sitting became a controversy.

Among the funniest and well-loved characters from the Kapamilya noontime show “Its Showtime” is that of Ion Perez. He is popular being called as “Kuya Escort” and he is also the real-life partner of famous comedian Vice Ganda.

And just recently, his latest photo posted on his social media account has earned a lot of comments because of the way he seated in a chair. In crossed legs and in a seemingly feminine manner, many people left a comment on his photo imposing doubts about his gender preference.

“Soon to be Bibi Gandang Hari”, “Barbie”, “Paminta”, “Girl na girl”, and “Bayot”, are just some of the accusations thrown against him. All of these comments implied something about his sexual preference..

Ion Perez
Photo grabbed on IG
Ion Perez
Photo grabbed on IG
Ion Perez
Photo grabbed on IG

Some netizens from his post defended him indicating that he is not the only one male who poses and sits like that. Korean stars or other Hollywood actors are spotted doing like that and there should be no big deal if he does the same.

Here are some other comments from his post:

Grabe talaga mga tao makapang husga bat babae lang ba pwede umupo ng ganyan nako sa korea halos karamihan ng k actor dun ganyan umupo kasi natural lang sakanila yan

Bakla k ba??

Oh please. Normalize sitting like that. Porket nakaganyan, bakla?

Hala bakla na😂🙌


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