World Health Alarmed By Rapid Spread of COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Pandemic Spread Alarms World Health w/ How Fast It Went Across the Globe

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION – WHO was alarmed by the rapid spread of the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic is currently the biggest challenge in front of over 200 countries and territories across the globe. This coronavirus disease has already claimed over 400,000 lives worldwide.

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Last December 2019, the first case of COVID-19 was recorded in China. It lodged an outbreak in Wuhan City in the province of Hubei. More than 4,000 people in China died of the disease.

Despite that Wuhan was locked for more than two (2) months, cases of the disease were recorded in other countries beginning January 2020. The first death case outside China was recorded in the Philippines.

World Health

Previously, the World Health Organization (WHO) expressed that it is going to be a long-term fight against COVID-19. This coronavirus disease is new and needs a lot of studies.

The said disease may exhibit flu-like symptoms or none at all. Its severity cannot be expected as it might be mild and it can also be severe.

Recently, high cases of COVID-19 were recorded and the World Health was alarmed by the rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Based on an article on RMN, in jusst one day, over 150,000 new cases of the disease were recorded across the globe.

Most of the cases were recorded in the United States which now has the highest COVID-19 cases across the globe. Over 2 million cases of coronavirus were recorded in U.S.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stressed that COVID-19 is still fatal. According to the report, WHO Emergencies Expert Mike Ryan called for the countries to implement a scientific approach in easing the restrictions.

Also, Ryan encouraged the “gradual” loosening of the restrictions. There is a risk of a 2nd wave of the disease if it is not handled properly.

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