Here Is Forbes 2020 Billionaire List Including 15 Filipino Billionaires

15 FILIPINO BILLIONAIRES ON FORBES – Several Filipino business tycoons have yet again entered Forbes billionaire list, but who is on top?

According to the list, Manuel Villar still tops the list as the richest Filipino businessman with $5.6 billion at the age of 70. He is then followed by Enrique Razon, age 60, with $3.4 billion to his name.

Villar primarily has his Real Estate empire as his source of income. Meanwhile, Enrique Razon Jr., a Spanish-Filipino businessman, owns the biggest marine cargo handling business in the country.

15 Filipino Billionaires On Forbes 2020 List - Philnews
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Here is the full list of Filipino Billionaires in Forbes’ 2020 list.

NameNet Worth AgeCountrySource Industries
Manuel Villar$5.6B70PhilippinesReal EstateReal Estate
Enrique Razon Jr.$3.4B60PhilippinesPortsLogistics
Hans Sy$2B64PhilippinesDiversifiedDiversified
Herbert Sy$2B63PhilippinesDiversifiedDiversified
Harley Sy$1.9B60PhilippinesDiversifiedDiversified
Henry Sy, Jr.$1.9B67PhilippinesDiversifiedDiversified
Andrew Tan$1.9B67PhilippinesDiversifiedDiversified
Teresita Sy-Coscon$1.8B69PhilippinesDiversifiedDiversified
Roberto Ongpin$1.7B83PhilippinesDiversifiedDiversified
Lucio Tan$1.7B85PhilippinesDiversifiedDiversified
Tony Tan Caktiong$1.7B67PhilippinesFoodFood & Beverages
Elizabeth Sy$1.6B67PhilippinesDiversifiedDiversified
Ramon Ang$1.4B66PhilippinesDiversifiedFood & Beverages
Robert Coyiuto, Jr.$1.4B67PhilippinesPowerEnergy
Eduardo Cojuangco$1B84PhilippinesFood, DrinksFood & Beverages

Globally, on the top of list was Amazon’s Jeff Bezos with $133 Billion followed by Bill gates with $98 Billion and Larry Ellison with $59 Billion.

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