Xian Gaza To DJ Loonyo: “Di’ Ako Marunong Sumayaw Pero Matalino Ako”

Xian Gaza Takes Stab At Dj Loonyo For His Statements

XIAN GAZA – Social media personality, Xian Gaza, lambastes DJ Loonyo for his recent statements online.

Admittedly, DJ Loonyo has been on the hot seat since his “mass testing” fiasco. But apparently, he hasn’t stopped there. Following his previous erroneous statements on mass testing, he made another confusing statement regarding face masks:

The more you wear the mask na nakaganun parati parang ini-inhale mo yung sarili mong utot

Uminhale ka ng tama na galing sa trees sa mga plants natin, which produce carbon dioxide

It blocks something in our head that makes us dumb and stupid

His new statements, although funny, could potentially be harmful to people ill-informed about the basics of facemasks. Loonyo has a lot of followers with some being very impressionable.

Xian Gaza To DJ Loonyo: "Di' Ako Marunong Sumayaw Pero Matalino Ako"
Image from: ShowBiz Chika

As such, according to Kapamilya World Online, Xian Gaza made a statement against him saying:

Hindi ako marunong sumayaw pero alam kong matalino ako kaya nga ako naging isang puganteng international scammer eh.

Paloko-loko lang ako at pakengkoy-kengkoy pero kaya kong ilaban sa lahat yung utak ko at level of wisdom na mayroon ako pagdating sa mga bagay-bagay.

Hindi ko kailangang magtali-talinuhan at mag-feeling intelektwal para lang maging pogi sa mata ng madlang people. Ending eh nagmumukha lang shunga.

Gaza, a proud international scammer, wanted to express that he didn’t need to look smart online just for clout. However, in the case of Loonyo, his attempt to look intellectual severely backfired.

Xian Gaza To DJ Loonyo: "Di' Ako Marunong Sumayaw Pero Matalino Ako"

But, in you thought about it, Loonyo now has traction because of his statements. Is there no such thing as bad advertising?

However, because he has a large fan base, Loonyo should think deeply about what he says and the people he could influence, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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