Nike Factory Store In Mactan Announces ‘BUY 2 TAKE 2’ Promo

Nike Factory Store In Mactan Offers ‘BUY 2 TAKE 2’ On All Items

NIKE FACTORY STORE – The Nike Factory Store in Mactan announced their “Buy 2 Take 2” promo on ALL items starting June 10, 2020.

Most of the Filipinos are obsessed with shoes. They are now more exposed to the trend due to the influence of social media. It is where they find the latest style and the release dates.

But when we are on a tight budget, we just wait for the day they offer great discounts.  On Tuesday evening, June 9, Nike Factory Store Mactan announced on their Facebook Page that they are offering a “BUY 2 TAKE 2” on ALL their items.

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When you buy any two items of their apparel or footwear, you can get 2 FREE items. Nike Factory Store Mactan’s promo will run from June 10-17. Make sure that you follow “general community quarantine” (GCQ) guidelines.

If you want to avail of their promo, you must subscribe to Nike Factory Sore PH Mailing list. Click this link to subscribe.

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You can get the 3rd and 4th items for free when you purchase higher-priced/equal in total amount items.

Ex. 1:
Item 1 (Footwear): Price P3,000.00
Item 2 (Footwear): Price P2,500.00
Total: P5,500.00

Item 3 (Footwear): Price P2,000.00
Item 4 (Footwear): Price P2,000.00
Total: P4,000.00 FREE

Ex. 2:
Item 1 (Apparel): Price P1,000.00
Item 2 (Footwear): Price P2,500.00
Total: P3,500.00

Item 3 (Apparel): Price P1,000.00
Item 4 (Equipment): Price P1,000.00
Total: P2,000.00 FREE

Visit their website more information about the promo:

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The store is located at Mactan Economic Zone II Basak, Lapu Lapu City, Cebu. It is 15 min away from Mactan Cebu International Airport.

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