Coronavirus Contact Tracing Device For All In The Works Says Singapore

Singapore Eyes Coronavirus Contact Tracing Device For Everybody

CORONAVIRUS CONTACT TRACING DEVICE – As Singapore continues to flatten the curve of their coronavirus epidemic, it also aimed further into the future.

In an attempt to further protect the people and stop the spread of the virus, Singapore plans to launch a wearable device used for COVID-19 contact tracing. The device would also be distributed to all of its 5.7 million residents.

Previously, Singapore had already created the very first app that could identify and alert people who have come in contact with COVID-19 positive individuals. However, the bluetooth technology that backs the software has been found glitchy. As such, not many use the app.

Coronavirus Contact Tracing Device  For All In The Works Says Singapore
Image from: Reuters

But, with some major developments, foreign minister Vivian Balakrishnan said they would create a portable device independent from a smartphone.

According to an article from Reuters, the foreign minister said:

If this portable device works. We may then distribute it to everyone in Singapore … This will be more inclusive, and it will ensure that all of us will be protected

Furthermore, she said that the device can be worn like a lanyard or kept inside a handbag. Along with this, the device being developed would also be battery operated.

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