Armed Police Owner of Rented House Forced Family to Leave Amid ECQ Goes Viral

Armed Police Owner Forcing Family to Leave Rented House Amid ECQ Elicit Reactions

Video footage of an armed police officer, who was the owner of the house forcing a poor family to leave despite strict community quarantine.

In a video uploaded by the victim named Mary Cuer Nobleza on Facebook, she shows a police in uniform harassing one member of the family. In the video, the police in uniform was seen holding a gun while arguing with the family.

Police Owner of House
Image captured from the video

According to the post of Nobleza, the police who was the alleged owner of the house they rented in Barangay 145, Manila, was forcing them to leave after they failed to pay the lease for two months because they don’t have enough money due to enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

She added that they immediately left the house with their things and appliances after the incident happened on April 12. But now, at the ease of community quarantine they came back to their house to pick up the things they left.

Police Owner of House
Image captured from the video

However, some of them were thrown away by the police owner, while other items that has a value and has benefit was taken by the owner as the owner think that they have fled from the lease, their neighbors said. Nobleza called the owner for clarification but she only received bad mouthing and threat.

Here’s the full clip:

Meanwhile, the video has gone viral on social media as many netizens express resentment to the inconsiderate police owner. Other netizens called out and mention the named of Raffy Tulfo.

Here are some of their reactions:

President Rodrigo Duterte previously said that landlady or landlords should be considerate and understand the crisis right now. He warned that if they will force to evict the boarders, owners will face charges.

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