JUST IN: 3 New COVID-19 Patients in Negros Oriental From Bacolod City

3 New COVID-19 Patients in Negros Oriental Stayed in Bacolod City Before Going Home

NEW COVID-19 PATIENTS IN NEGROS ORIENTAL – Three (3) of the six (6) new cases of coronavirus recorded in the province are from Bacolod City.

The fight against COVID-19 continues – not only for areas that are at high risk for the disease but for the entire Philippines. Areas that are considered at low or medium risk must not be complacent.

Starting June 1, the high risk areas in the country are under a General Community Quarantine (GCQ). Most parts of the country are under a Modified GCQ now.

The public is reminded to stay at home if not for essential purposes like work and the purchase of food. Also, when going outdoors, each must wear a face mask and exhibit social distancing.

New COVID-19 Patients in Negros Oriental

One of the provinces under an MGCQ now is Negros Oriental. However, recently, the province recorded six (6) new cases of coronavirus.

Based on a report on TV Patrol Negros, three (3) of the new COVID-19 patients in Negros Oriental came from Bacolod City. It was confirmed by Negros Oriental Public Information Officer Bimbo Miraflor.

According to Miraflor, two (2) of the New COVID-19 patients in Negros Oriental were stranded in Bacolod City but they already went home to Mabinay and Vallehermoso. Based on the report, the other patient is from Manila and was stranded in Bacolod before being able to go home to Mabinay.

The other three (3) new coronavirus patients in Negros Oriental include two (2) fishermen in Ayungon and an 11-year-old child considered as “locally stranded individual” in Sibulan. The recent addition brings the total coronavirus cases recorded in the province to 17.

Three (3) of the patients are asymptomatic and isolated in the quarantine facility in the province. More updates may be posted soon.

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