Golden Bangus: Fishpond Owner In Dagupan Raises Rare Milkfish

Rare Golden Bangus Set To Be Turned Over To BFAR

GOLDEN BANGUS – A fishpond owner in Dagupan City raised a rare “golden bangus. It is set to be turned over to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR).

Milkfish or Bangus frequently make an appearance on all Filipino dining tables. The top bangus dishes are ‘sinigang na bangus,’ ‘daing na bangus,’ ‘rellenong bangus,’ ‘bangus sisig,’ and ‘inihaw na bangus’ among others.

Bangus fishes appear to be like a typical silver-colored fish. Lots of Filipinos develop business in fish farming to sustain the demand for bangus in the country.

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Lots of people say the tastiest milkfish can be found in Dagupan. Some of the residents own or lessees milkfish farms and it eventually helped their economic growth. In fact, they called their annual celebration the “Bangus Festival.”

During their 11th Bangus Festival, a “golden bangus” made an appearance and was kept at the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) in the city. Based on a report from Inquirer, the fish become the city’s tourist attraction.

Photo Source: @Philippine Star FB

On Tuesday, June 2, Philippine Star shared a video of a golden bangus swimming at a fish pond in Dagupan City on their Facebook Page. In the caption, they said the fish will be turned over to BFAR for an experiment, research, and proper care. The video has garnered 23,063 views, 632 reactions, and 168 shares as of this writing.

“This rare golden bangus raised in a fishpond in Dagupan City is set to be turned over to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources for proper care, research and experiment.”

Watch the video below:

The video of the rare golden bangus earned various reactions from the netizens. Here are some of their comments from the post:

@Mercedes Corvera Howland: “Baka koi yan”

@Veronica Guinto: “Foreigner cguro yan”

@Arturo Vega Rosero: “legendary pokemon ata yan”

@Jacob Hernandez: “ipapamigay na naman yan sa China”

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